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Vedic Thai Yoga Massage (VTY)


This is my personal favorite to both give AND receive! Boasting over 120 hours of training in Vedic Thai Yoga Massage with Michael “Mukti” Buck of the Vedic Conservatory, I have been practicing this beautiful folk art since 2004. I have invested the bulk of my career immersing myself in the education and effective application of this art;  it has proven to be the MOST efficient form of bodywork. The broad application of pressure and gentle, assisted stretches have a profound impact on the clients state of being while easing tension in the body.  It is like the “martial arts” of massage in that it is most “ninja-like” while packing a one-two punch in both relaxation AND restoration! 

More appropriately (& endearingly) referred to as "lazy man's yoga", this session is done fully dressed as you are moved through a series of passive asanas (or postures). In addition to passive stretches, you receive varying degrees of pressure on marmas and trigger points throughout the movement that are sure to induce a deep sense of satisfaction and rest. Excellent for both the athlete AND the elderly! 

Clients LOVE being pushed, pulled, twisted, rocked and sometimes...


It's a journey to bliss, my friends!

YOU will LOVE IT!!!


Vedic Thai Yoga Massage Package Pricing

      2 hr  $325      5 sessions  $1600    10 sessions $3225

    1.5 hr $250      5 sessions  $1225    10 sessions $2450

      1 hr  $200      5 sessions  $ 975     10 sessions $1950


Vedic Thai Yoga Massage + VST Package Pricing

(This service includes VTY Massage + Vibrational Sound Therapy)

      2 hr  $400       5 sessions  $1975   10 sessions $3950

    1.5 hr $325       5 sessions  $1600   10 sessions $3225

      1 hr  $275       5 sessions  $1350   10 sessions $2700





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Standard Table Massage


Each session is geared towards your specific needs, and will be a personal blend of the following techniques:













Massage Therapy & Package Pricing

  2 hrs  $290
5 sessions  $1425     10 sessions $2850

1.5 hrs   $222   
5 sessions  $1085     10 sessions $2170

     1 hr    $150

   5 sessions  $725     10 sessions  $1450

1/2 hour $110

(* Half hour appointments are at the discretion of SL. These are “emergency sessions” for established clients ONLY; these are individual sessions and are not available as an “add on” to treatments)


1 hr $185

5 sessions  $900    10 sessions $1800




Gift Certificates are available. Please contact me directly to make arrangements for a loved one!

Available by appointment ONLY

*Weekend appointments are available for EMERGENCIES ONLY & charged Time & a Half


***Please note there is a 24 hour cancellation policy for ALL appointments.
We appreciate your understanding & commitment to honoring our time.

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Massage & Yoga Tx Combo!


 Massage & Yoga Therapy Combo

This session is 1 hour of each & must be scheduled simultaneously

Total session time of 

1 hr Yoga + 1.5 hrs  Massage

5 sessions $1640    10 sessions $3280

1 Prenatal $300

5 sessions $1475    10 sessions $2950

        1 hr    $250

  5 sessions $1225    10 sessions $2450



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Vibrational Sound Healing and Biofield Tuning (VST/BFT)

Massage & Vibrational Sound Healing

 Combos & Packages:

This option includes your selected time which includes

Massage +Vibrational Sound Therapy

It is ideal you have at least 1.5 hours for your first session; 

this is a form of "energetic medicine" and is slow and deliberate.



 1.5 hr  $295  5 sessions $1450      
10 sessions $290

  1 hr  $225  5 sessions $1100      
10 sessions $2200 

1 hour Couples Sound bath: $175

Group Sound bath *for groups of up to 3: $225

*Please note that the balance of time towards each modality is at the discretion of your therapist*


Vibrational Sound Therapy Sessions & Packages:

     1.5 hr  $175   5 sessions $850     
10 sessions $1700

        1 hr  $135    5 sessions $650      
10 sessions $1300   


“Tune Up”: Therapeutic Tuning Forks with any treatment $35

“Sound On”: Tibetan Singing Bowls with any treatment $45

*This is for the single enhancement of either forks OR bowls to a session and does NOT include Biofield Tuning*

I am proud to be the premier Biofield Tuning Practioner of Birmingham! To date, Silver Linings is the ONLY space offering this life-changing modality in the city; please note, there is a current wait of up to one month (sometimes longer) for scheduling. Should you wish to experience this, or any offering, please reach out right away in order to coordinate a time.
This profound system, in addition to my own developing and ever-evolving protocols, has not only transformed MY life, but continues to bring GREAT revelation AND transformation to those who are READY to change EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING! 
Vibrational sound therapy is a deeply relaxing and restorative session gifting the recipient profound potential for healing through both sound and vibration, but this is by no means your traditional “sound bath”. Utilizing a broad range of instruments (chimes, Tibetan singing bowls, drums, tuning forks, etc.), you are transported to a blissful, restorative state while bathed in a symphony of sound. This is massage by way of sound and provides some of the “heavy lifting” to soothe the nervous system. All trauma, along with emotional and mental debris, can create patterns of incoherent frequencies and disorganized processing patterns; when the pattern is disrupted, it blocks the proper "flow" of energy throughout our field. This restriction is associated with chronic pain, inflammation, disturbance and disease in the body. Sound allows us to touch things massage cannot (the nerves and even the brain) and tap into the frequency of the etheric system to assist in restructuring and reorganizing any "skewed" data. When we clear the friction from the "etheric frame", we liberate the flow to the physical one. Most think of crystal singing bowls when they hear "sound therapy", but the modalities practiced here are far beyond pinging singing bowls or forks. This work is a culmination of various Vibrational Sound therapy modalities that utilize specific protocols which have proven to be transformative.  Much of my work has been influenced by Dr. John Beaulieu and Eileen McKusick, however time, experience and Holy Spirit have gifted my own understanding and protocols while working within an individual's field.  I have been trained and certified as a Sound and Vibration Therapist, as well as a certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner and am most eager to share this simple, yet profound modality with you!  
(I am currently writing a program to eventually teach this too! Stay tuned for more on that later!)

-This was my very first “Sound Session” while training to become a Vibrational Sound Therapist with Meditate School of Mindfulness. From the moment we began, I was in love and knew without question, that I had been preparing for this work my entire life. (North Carolina, 2022). I have since studied Somatic Sound Healing Communications with Dr. John Beaulieu and graduated my studies with Eileen McKusick as a Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner (2024). This work has become my deepest passion, as I have seen the many positive gifts it has brought to myself and my clients! 

"The tuning fork is used like a mirror to reflect back to the body where it is stuck; like a metronome to help the body discover its right rhythm; like a magnet to move the electromagnetic energy that is stuck in a particular area of the field and assists the body back into a state of flow.... It isn't the sound that is doing the healing; it is providing the body with feedback and information to support it in healing itself." 
-Eilen McKusick

-Facilitating group sound sessions and events is a passion. Each one is intuitively guided by the needs and energy of the groups. Private sessions are available for you and yours. (New Year’s Intentions Ceremony, Birmingham, Al 2023)

Some of the benefits associated with Sound and Vibration Therapy include:

-Synchronizing brain waves to achieve profound states of relaxation.

- Return harmony to homeostasis by balancing "DIS-eased" places in the body to their normal vibrational frequencies.

-Influencing and altering the energetic Biofield system.

-Improved wound healing, including pain reduction

-Improved concentration, clarity and consciousness. 

- I had the pleasure of playing while my mentor, “Mukti” Michael Buck of the Vedic Conservatory led Tratak meditation in Birmingham, Al (December 2022). 

“Sound healing is the frontier of true holistic medicine, for sound gives us access to the quantum realm of bioenergy and empowers us to consciously modify our quantum biology for personal (and even planetary) healing, and transformation.”
-Sol Luckman

-Animals are extremely responsive to Vibrational Sound medicine. This is my sweet fur friend, Buster, who received sound sessions while I was dog sitting. He dealt with hot spots and digestive disturbance due to separation anxiety, and after two days of forks, he quit pacing the floors and his hot spots began to heal. 

“All manifestations of disease, whether “physiological” or “psychological”, result from disruption of the primary energetic, harmonies and rhythms contained in the electromagnetic fields and corresponding chakras. These bioenergy centers have an intimate relationship with DNA, that gives them direct regulatory access to all cellular functions. If we can find a way to reset this bioenergy blueprint through harmonic resonance, we can go directly to the root of disease.” - quote from Dr. Natalia Dobrova in “Transdimensional Healing with the ADAM Technology”

”In order to “reset “our bioenergy blueprint in a way that not only will “take,” but also “hold,” we must go directly to the source of the electromagnetic malfunction in our genetic code. Only in this manner can we reestablish the energetics, harmony, and coherence necessary for sustained well-being. In order to do this, it is necessary to employe sound along with intention to activate the self-healing mechanism in the apparently unused portion of DNA.”

 -“Conscious Healing, Book one of the Regenetics Method,”, Sol Luckman 


“It is possible to restore the natural vibratory frequencies of an object that may be out of tune or harmony. When an organ or another portion of the body is vibrating out of tune, we call this disease.” - “Healing Sounds: The Power of Harmonics, Jonathan Goldman


I had the pleasure of facilitating a Meditation and Sound bath session at the Healing Arts Retreat hosted by Jacquelin Daniella, RDN at the luxurious Nemacolin Resort.  (Farmington, Pa June 2023)


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Soul Focused Healing (SFH)

This fascinating system of energy medicine renews flow to the subtle body by way of the chakra centers and the organs they govern. With massage, we work on the physical body; with Soul Focused healing, we are serving the “Higher Self”. Similar to Reiki though more fine-tuned, this is "light" or "energy" work that liberates the body through the etheric self, which in turn strengthens and aids in the healing of the soma. Using an organized approach, SFH renews and restores health to the body's various systems, glands and organs, thereby benefiting the body, mind AND Spirit; a most relaxing session that leaves most feeling grounded and refreshed. 


1-hour session $150

Package of 5, $725

Package of 10, $1450

Want to REALLY experience some altered frequencies!?

Then add the good vibrations and sound to the mix for a new lease on life!  See the Soul Alchemy if you wish to have massage added to this option!

2-hour session $275

(includes one hour of SFH + one-hour VST)

Package of 5, $1350

Package of 10, $2700 

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Soul Alchemy

120 minutes: $333

Combine the nuance of sound, subtle body AND massage in this energetic alchemy session!  Experience relaxation and restoration in this most integrative session as we combine various modalities into one, coherent experience. *The massage aspect of this session is based on the needs presented from the etheric body. Most clients choose to forgo full body massage in liue of more concentrated work with additional time in the field. Gifting space for the energetics allows greater efficiency in effectively tending the needs of the muscular system by addressing the resistance rooted in the field. 

Single (2hr) session, $333

5 sessions, $1640 10 sessions, $3280

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Soul Alchemy, Pheonix Rising

This three-hour integration is intuitively led and will include a variety of modalities:

  Yoga, meditation, mentorship, Vibrational Sound Therapy, Biofield Tuning, crystal healing and subtle body work+ massage. 

Experience relaxation and restoration in this most integrative session as we combine various modalities into one,
coherent experience. There is time here for ample discussion and breaks as needed. This is most excellent for those truly dedicated to a monthly ritual of self-care and spiritual conditioning. 

Single Session $444

5 sessions $2195  10 sessions $4390

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"Do you not think that the world needs peace as much as you do? Do you not want to give it to the world as much as you want to receive it? For unless you do, you will not receive it. If you want to have it of me, you must give it. Healing does not come from anyone else. You must accept guidance from within. The guidance must be what you want, or it will be meaningless to you. That is why healing is a collaborative venture. I can tell you what to do, but you must collaborate by believing that I know what you should do.  Only then will your mind choose to follow me. Without this choice you could not be healed because you would have decided against healing, and this rejection of my decision for you makes healing impossible. Healing reflects our joint will. This is obvious when you consider what healing is for. Healing is the way in which the separation is overcome. Separation is overcome by union. It cannot be overcome by separating. The decision to unite must be unequivocal, or the mind itself is divided and not whole. Your mind is the means by which you determine your own condition because mind is the mechanism of decision. It is the power by which you separate or join, and experience pain or joy accordingly. My decision cannot overcome yours, but yours is as powerful as mine. If it were not so the sons of God would be unequal. All things are possible through our joint decision, but mine alone cannot help you. Your Will is as free as mine, and God himself would not go against it. I cannot will what God does not will. I cannot offer my strength to make yours invincible, but I cannot oppose your decision without competing with it and thereby violating God's will for you. "
-A Course in Miracles

1 hour $175

 Package 5 (1hr) $850

Package of 10 (1hr) $1700

2 hour $250

Package of 5 (2hr) $1225

Package of 10 (2hr) $2450

This offering was brought forward due to multiple request for "additional talk time." My calling is to serve as a guide and facilitator for those seeking a deeper relationship with themselves, others and The Divine. Because my time is limited and precious, I have chosen to bring this service forward as an opportunity for those who wish to sit and talk about such things. In order to honor our time, this mentorship offering is for those who wish to dive deeper into these discussions; for those seeking guidance and accountability support and suggestions on their journey. This service does not include any somatic, sound or subtle body work.  

*I am not a licensed counselor or mental health care professional; this service is in no way designed to replace your mental health care, but as complimentary guidance involving deep listening and compassionate conversation. 

** This rate is for one hour of in-person mentorship, however any additional exchanges or correspondence via text, telephone or email IS charged an additional fee. As much as I love being of service, I must protect my personal and private time. My client community is comprised of friends and family, however in order to honor my boundaries and preserve my energy, I respectfully request you consider this before reaching out to me outside of our organized mentorship times. This service is in no way designed to have you dependent on me as your personal sounding board or life-coach in all decisions. I am simply here to hold your hand and assist you as you navigate the waters of challenge and change, growth and evolution. Thank you for respecting and honoring my time.

"The spirit of The Lord is upon me because He has anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor, He has sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind; to set at liberty those that are bruised. To preach the acceptable year of The Lord." -Luke 4-:18-19


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Rejuvenating and restoring Photon Therapy can be added to any service upon request, offering additional balance through color. Chromotherapy, also known as “Photon therapy” or “light therapy”, has been used in Ayurveda, Chinese and Egyptian medicine to improve health. The therapeutic applications of light and color are under explorative research in major hospitals and research centers across the globe. Results currently indicate that full-spectrum, ultraviolet, colored, and laser light host therapeutic value for a broad range of conditions from chronic pain and depression to immune disorders.

In addition to reports of temporarily reducing swelling, relieving pain, decreasing inflammation, and accelerating open wound healing, it has also been shown to offer temporary pain management for joint and back pain, sore or torn muscles, sprains, arthritis, post-surgical scars, burns and wounds. Chromotherapy has also been shown to revitalize and improve the appearance of the face, neck and chest by reducing the signs of aging, wrinkles and age spots. 

Colors radiate light energy through vibrations, which impact our entire body, including our cellular and bioelectric fields. It is my belief that Chromotherapy impacts these vibrations and can positively influence our emotions, moods, and overall well-being. The body, cells, organs, cellular and chakra systems respond to different colors, which have been shown to elicit various responses in individuals suffering emotional or physical disturbances. Utilizing this as a complimentary therapy, we add another layer to the healing process with the application of specific colors to enhance your therapeutic experience. Colors can be selected individually OR you can elect to utilize the full spectrum. Chromo therapy does not generate heat or UV rays, so most devices and treatments are generally safe and won't cause harmful side effects (*Please note, there are always exceptions to this; please consult with your physician if you have any concerns or special circumstances which might cause sensitivity). Various wavelengths create altered results and penetrate the skin at different levels; please note the depths provided under each color. The longer the wavelength, the deeper the light penetrates the skin, therefore, the more effective the treatment. Chromotherapy is not a one-time treatment or “quick fix”; several treatments over time are necessary to see positive results and the greatest benefits. 


Adjunct therapy, $35 per session

5 sessions, $150

10 sessions, $300

Red (Root Chakra)

 “The Energizer” promotes blood circulation. This color penetrates deeply into dermal layers 1-6mm (wavelength of 630nm+/-10%) offering deeper repair, lightning and increased elasticity to skin, and accelerated metabolism. It has been shown to aid in the regeneration of cells, restoring cell function and triggering blood flow. It has been used to treat chronic inflammation, which eases pain in joints and muscles, promoting healing to relieve pain. Red is most often sought out to improve cellular response and cellular turnover as it is known for encouraging the body's natural healing process, enhancing the cells power to improve health, thereby rejuvenating skin.

Orange (Sacral Chakra) 
*This is a color combo of red + yellow

“Liberation” for physical energy with mental clarity and the evolution from limbic brain to higher consciousness. Aids in assimilation and metabolism. Deep penetration of 1-2 mm (wavelength of 610nm+/-10%) offering skin reparation and improvement to acne and damage caused by acne, improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, boosts collagen production, reduce inflammation, and stimulate circulation. Orange has also been shown to activate and eliminate localized fat as well as ease asthma and bronchitis by stimulating the lungs, boost energy by increasing thyroid activity, stimulate digestion and increase both milk supply and sensuality.

Yellow (Solar Plexus)
*This is a color combo of red+ green

 “Stimulator” awakes mental inspiration lightening /consciousness and improves overall complexion. Penetrating the skin 1-2 mm (wavelength 590nm+/-10%), it is absorbed by keratinocytes, melanocytes, as well as Merkel and Langerhans cells; these are crucial to maintaining the epidermal layer. Yellow increases the production of red blood cells, improves swelling, reduces inflammation and reduces the appearance fine lines and wrinkles, alleviates dark spots, erythema (red marks) and couperose skin (aka, Rosacea), as well as improving sun-damaged skin. It has also been shown to boost lymphatic flow, which alleviates toxins and waste from the skin. 

Green (Heart Chakra)

“Harmonious Equalizer” balances the physical and spiritual nature; lightens scarring. Deeply penetrating skin 0.5-2mm (wavelength of 530nm+/-10%), green offers a sedative effect on skin, providing oil control. Green is used to tend dilated capillaries, sagging skin around the eyes, dark circles, hyperpigmentation and sunspots, and even sagging breasts.

Blue (Throat Chakra)

“Calming” for imbalance or ailments associated with speech, communication, or the throat; soothes irritated skin associated with allergies. Penetrating 1mm (wavelength 473nm+/-10%), blue aids in the resistance of allergens, acne repair and cell regeneration. Blue light also has the capacity to penetrate the sebaceous (oil) glands which neutralizes the bacteria (P. acnes) living on both the skin's surface and inside pores. It can also reduce inflammation that calms the skin to promote healing. 

             Violet (Third Eye Chakra)                       
*This is a color combo of red +blue

“Purification” offering inspiration, wisdom and inner guidance through Divine connection. Stimulates creativity and focus; whitens and brightens the skin. Offering meditative qualities, violet is often used to treat conditions of the lymphatic system and spleen, as well as urinary disorders and psychosis. Penetrating 630nm+470, violet accelerates the metabolism of active tissues tightening the skin. It has been shown to activate the function of the hypothalamus and other brain areas by stimulating OPN5 in the retina, reduces emotional stress, calms the nervous system, soothes organs and helps to relax muscles. It can also improve sleep, relax and rejuvenate, detoxify, and decrease sensitivity to pain, stimulating immunity.

White (Crown Chakra)   
“Expansion” stimulates elevated, cosmic consciousness and connection to The Divine. Offering a Ca2+ booster (wavelength of 510nm +/-10%), this Calcium ion supplement increases body energy, boosts metabolism, improves fine lines and loose skin, targets inflammation, accelerates tissue healing, and reduces scarring. White light is ideal for conditions such as acne, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema and hyperpigmentation. It has been used to improve mood and alleviate symptoms resulting from S.A.D. and other types of depression, boost the effectiveness of anti-depressants, offset jet lag and other sleep disorders.

*Chromo therapy is contraindicated for individuals suffering from metastatic tumors, high fever, vascular ophthalmopathy, malignant tumors, vascular compensatory insufficiency, active tuberculosis, acute soft tissue infections, pregnancy or active menses, bleeding tendencies, skin sensory disturbances and skin allergies; acute injury suffered within 72 hours; individuals with pacemakers, defibrillators or other electronic implants are prohibited from use.*

**This information has been provided as educational and is in no way deemed medical advice. It has been compiled through research presented by various lab results and clinical studies which can be found online and can be further reviewed at your discretion. This service is offered as “complimentary” and is not intended to replace or substitute medical treatment. You are advised to consult and discuss any concerns with your medical/health provider PRIOR to treatment. Please note, Silver Linings, llc cannot be held responsible for any harm or damage caused by election/application of said services.** 



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Add on to any treatment: $45

You can add cupping to any treatment. Here are just a few benefits to consider:
-Reduction in painful trigger points.
-Improve circulation (in the blood and lymph).
-Relieve pain.
-Promote mobility and range of motion.
-Improves texture in mature scars.
-Decrease toxins
-Soften fascia to create more ease and comfort in the body. 

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Massage & Sauna


imageEnjoy warming up your body & bones prior to table time with a few minutes in the Infrared Sauna. Allow the deep, concentrated heat (120Ëš) to jump start your session by allowing you time to unwind, easing tension, warming your tissue and alleviating soreness. Saunas have been shown to be one of the safest & most efficient detoxification methods for expelling harmful environmental toxins, insoluble chemical residues & dangerous heavy metals from the human body. They have also been shown to provide lasting relief for nerve damage, arthritis, muscle pain, carpal tunnel, joint pain & fibromyalgia. Increased production of white blood cells & toxin removal through sweating combines to improve immunity against chronic infections, flu, sinus, allergy symptoms, germs and bacteria.

 2 hr  $235      5 sessions $1150    10 sessions $2250

           1.5 hr $250      5 sessions $1225    10 sessions $2450

             1 hr  $175      5 sessions $ 850     10 sessions $1700   

                        Simply Sauna Time: 30 minutes $65

                             *Please note that sauna is for the use of established clients only.




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Wellness Empowerment

First four hours of research: $1125


Wellness Consults:

This includes a thorough intake/review of your current medical history plus four hours of research towards your personal needs. Through a discussion of food, herbs, movement, and your emotional/spiritual “house”, we will explore natural wellness alternatives best suited for you and your medical condition. Find the encouragement and accountability necessary for implementing helpful, successful options for a more balanced and nourished life.

 $1125 covers your intake, review and the FIRST 4 hours of research

*Any additional correspondence regarding health/wellness charged an additional              

 $75 per hour (includes phone call, text or email correspondence; I love to talk about these things, but these things ARE my business-thank you for respecting my time!)

** I am not a doctor, but a meek herbalist that seeks to support and ease discomfort. I do not diagnose, treat nor write prescriptions. This consult is for educational purposes designed to more fully inform you when making personal decisions regarding your health and is in no way offered to replace your doctor's advice or recommendations. It is most ideal this information be accounted for as "complimentary medicine" to your current health plan. I can not be more invested than you are; I am happy to help, but you must do the work “to heal” -consider me your coach! Now, let’s get after it! 




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Private Yoga Sessions & Classes


 Yoga is an excellent way to improve awareness, balance, strength and flexibility. My passion is to empower ALL ages and abilities with the gift of this practice. Designing each session for your personal needs and limitations, there is something here for ALL levels! Specializing in limited range of motion, disabilities, surgery recovery and individual needs, I believe this art has something for EVERYONE! This is traditional, therapeutic yoga unlike ANY you've ever experienced!

Yoga Therapy  & Package Pricing


1 hr      $120
5 sessions $575 10 sessions $1150


1 hr $200

  5 sessions  $975  10 sessions  $900


 1 hr  $135

5 sessions  $650  10 sessions  $1300


Private Yoga Classes



Private Yoga Classes are available for you & yours; must be held at a location besides Silver Linings due to limitations on space.


Company Wellness Plans are Available offering ON-SITE EMPLOYEE YOGA!


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Momentum:A Yoga In Motion series


Learn to integrate your awareness of breath & movement obtained on the mat into an energizing, cardiovascular experience! Learn to adjust your body mechanics and breath to overcome various challenges arising from charging the city's terrain. You will not only be improving your vascular health, but you will also be challenging your body physically beyond what you could traditionally explore in your mat yoga practice.


Momentum: A Yoga in Motion Series (TM)is an eight-week commitment of intentional movement that will provide you with long-lasting adjustment skills and awareness that continue to improve and impact your walking and your yoga. Awaken your breath, body and mind as you charge city hills with awareness! You will stride with grace and ease after discovering and mastering the body adjustments and breath it requires to hike a 24 degree incline through Birmingham's rolling hills and reach the top with the same slow breathing you have on a flat surface. You will learn controlled breath and mindful adjustments like lifting the spine and dropping the heels to improve posture, diaphragmatic breathing and energy. This is a fun, new, and exciting way to explore your practice, or start a new one and take it off the mat!


This series is great for avid walkers and runners, cyclist, or any other athlete looking to improve their existing fitness regimen with greater stamina and endurance. Momentum was created and brought to you by April Jones, Birmingham's native massage therapist, and one of the city's pioneer yoga therapists. Always looking for new ways to take yoga off the mat and apply it to life, this technique was discovered and developed during one of her favorite past times-walking back in 2006! Noticing a significant difference in energy levels and ease of breath when applying the same fundamental yoga techniques, she discovered she could transition from inclines to flat terrain, back to life with greater ease and energy through the same simple breathing and adjustments she makes on her mat. This is an incredible adventure that she can not wait to take you on! Class size is limited, so please act now. The session size is intentionally kept small in order to maximize your Momentum experience, however, should our chosen schedule not work with yours, please reach out and let's arrange a PRIVATE TIME just for you!


*1 day a week for 8 weeks: $300

*2 days a week for 8 weeks: $375

*3 days a week for 8 weeks: $450

Non-refundable registration fee: $75

       (This fee is in addition to your Workshop fee UNLESS paid in full at time of registration)

Private Momentum sessions are available for those who wish for a more personal experience;    

Please contact April to discuss the NEXT scheduled workshop dates, receive more information or to arrange private sessions & prices. Subject to availability.



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Healing Waters

24 oz : $20


Healing Waters is a medicinal beverage created & made by April Jones, lmt/nmt/mmp/vtyt. This "healing elixir" has anti-viral, anti-fungal properties that pack a mean punch of Vitamin C! This beverage contains oranges, lemons, ginger, honey, herbs, lots of love & prayers for healing! I began creating this tea while living in Florida. My second winter there, we were slammed with an INCREDIBLE cold & flu epidemic! Many I knew & loved were ridden with horrible sickness that invaded homes & stayed; not just weeks, but several MONTHS!

Being the ever eager healer, and surrounded by an abundance of fresh, healing produce, I began to research various herbs that I could easily blend with the citrus to create an easy sipping tonic. I wanted something simple to prepare, soothing, healing, and most importantly...tasty! So, in my humble kitchen, I came up with a recipe that I quickly began canning & distributing. If someone told me they were sick, I placed in their hands one mason jar of what quickly became known as "Healing Waters". People would call me immediately, stating, "I don't know WHAT you put in those healing waters, but it tasted great and I feel so much better"...or "I slept so much better"...or "breathed so much better"...or "the coughing was so much better"...or "the queasiness was so much better." The consensus was, this drink made things "BETTER!"

My family and I would keep the last of every batch. Our cups were toasted as we prayed for the protection and wellness of those who consumed the drink. We found we didn't get sick, and if we did, the symptoms were minimal and didn't hit us nearly as hard. This was also the experience of the care givers who would indulge as they prepared the waters for those in their home. This revelation quickly turned into a seasonal request that kept me busy the entire fall & winter months. I continued to make regular batches, and have every year since the first in 2004. I primarily make batches during the fall & winter months, but it is not uncommon for Healing Waters to be found around our home all year long. A few clients who travel all year purchase cases each month. My children often request it at the first sign of a cough, sore throat, or body aches. Regardless of request, it is a staple in our home medicine pantry.

Because the herbs in the waters are "adaptogens" (toning herbs for the system), it is ideal to plan to consume the entire bottle once opened. I would not recommend you open this, have a cup, and then store in your fridge indefinitely.  These bottles can be purchased at the Silver Linings "studio store". They make wonderful gifts and will store unopened in a dark, cool spot, for up to 2 months*. These are currently available by the Quart (24 oz) for $20, which boasts about 4 small cups. You can also purchase 2 Q for $35, or a case of 6 Q for $100. 

The most frequent questions I receive regarding the waters are: 1.What is in it? and 2. What does it taste like? Well, I cannot tell you the entire ingredients, for if I did, I would be forced to kill you. Seriously, the ingredients are a trade secret this "Concoction Queen" takes VERY seriously. I desire to see these available to you at some point at your local farmers market and grocery store, in our local restaurants,and WHO KNOWS, maybe even sold worldwide! DREAM BIG, RIGHT?! SO, until then, many things MUST be kept under wraps-thank your for your understanding!

 I CAN TELL YOU, ALL of the ingredients are fresh and natural. There are no artificial ingredients used & the taste is most soothing and pleasing. It is a light citrus blend that is slightly sweetened, although you may always add honey to your own taste and/or preference. I find the waters to be a delightful after dinner drink that cleanses and refreshes the palette, and makes for one MEAN hot toddy!

I look forward to sharing this beautiful gift with you. It truly is amazing the medicine God has gifted us straight from the Earth! We underestimate simple healing foods, aromatherapy, and herbs. These are what kept people well and helped them heal in times past...isn't it time we got back to our roots, and let Mother Earth support us the way she was intended to? I say try over the counter stuff, full of ingredients you cannot pronounce with risky side effects...OR...try something gifted from The Earth by someone that understands the benefits and wants nothing more than to simply see you made well.  

***This beverage is NOT regulated, approved nor endorsed by the FDA, nor have any of the claims been tested nor approved by any such entities that would seek to govern, profit or monitor The Lords NATURAL medicine or small "Mom's & Pop's" simply wanting to share their gifts. All "claims" made have been from personal experience & from those that have expressed their own "healing" from the product. No claims are being made that this beverage should replace your current medications or advice from your medical care giver, nor are we prescribing for the use thereof. No claims are being made that this beverage will "heal you"; only the Power of God and his ever present ability through provision and prayer can! Because there are no preservatives, the taste and shelf-life of these waters varies depending on the fruit and herbs of each batch. The recipe is the same, but all fruit varies, so the taste will too. This beverage is simply a gift for you with the purest of intentions to bless you, nurture you, and see you well! This beverage is not produced in a commercial kitchen. Simply put: Purchase and consumption of Healing Waters is YOUR agreement that Silver Linings, The Concoction Queen, April Jones, and any other person expressing their love and use of Healing Waters are in no way responsible for the impact or implications that Healing Waters may or may not have on your health. 'Tis an unfortunate state that these things must be said, but your use of this product makes YOU responsible for the use...I know, I know... an accountable, responsible citizen...NOVEL! Namaste!

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Private, Conscious Experience

Interested in co-creating a conscious experience for you, or you and your community? I would love to discuss your ideas and cultivate a ceremonial container that best serves you, however this is for those READY to bring folks together. Please contact me directly to discuss and organize a quote; as much as I love to discuss and dream, all initial consults are by phone (by appointment) and require a deposit of $125 for the hour. 

I look forward to hearing your vision and casting some seeds! Let's make your best time of fellowship MAGICAL! 


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