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Preparations and Post Treatment Care

There are a few ways to prepare for your session to ensure you have the most pleasant experience.

-You are also HIGHLY encouraged to review the "Considerations & Contraindications" page; you will be initialing on your intake form whether or not you have done so; this is YOUR responsibility to ensure the selected services are helpful, not harmful.

-Please be sure to arrive for your appointment on time. If you are coming for your first appointment, please plan to arrive at LEAST 15 minutes early to complete and/or review your intake form. You should have received this with your confirmation email, but if in the event there is an issue, please find what you need on the "Intake and Registration" page. 

-HYDRATE. I cannot emphasize this one enough, for both pre and post session care. You are piezoelectric, and water is a conductor; hydrated tissue is healthy tissue! The more hydrated your body, the softer and more receptive your tissues will be- for your bodywork, as well being more effective in moving the sound and vibrations through your system. It will allow for a gentler, more nourishing session, as well as minimize the potential soreness and detox one might experience afterwards. I personally prefer coconut water, as it contains natural salts and electrolytes. If you don't like coconut water, stick to regular h2o or herbal teas- black teas, coffee and alcohol are all dehydrating.

-NOURISH! Take in your favorite, clean, high-vibrating foods. Think fresh fruits, vegetables and dark chocolate; minimize meats or any prepackaged foods-these vibrate at a different level, and you want to keep those frequencies HIGH! Think pregame prep and post game refreshment  

-Plan to be kind and rest for the duration of your day. It is ideal there is no heavy lifting or intense activity after body OR energy work. Your body and brain have endured altered states of consciousness, so go easy. You MAY feel like you can take on the world, but remember your system is seeking a state of rest in order to reset. 

-Plan to fast; keep any substances (stimulants, alcohol, etc.) to a minimum, or better still, go without for AT LEAST 24-48 hours. When altering brainwaves, you want to leave ample room for "rest and digest". A LOT happens in your session; any remapping which might have occurred (and continues to occur) has ALL THE SPACE IT NEEDS to ensure new synapsis are created, as opposed to falling back into old patterning.  

-SOAK! It is ideal to soak in a tub; use your favorite mineral/Epsom salts and/or favorite bath blends/oils. Really gift yourself permission to fully savor the last end of your "self-care". This will optimize and support the body amidst any detoxing or releasing, minimizing soreness, fatigue and other detox symptoms. The work is done on "many levels" and much will be released from your body; what better way than a good soak to let it run down the drain! If this isn't feasible, AT LEAST try to submerge your feet in a bowl with some salts; TRUST ME!

-GROUND! When you are able and weather permits, it is ideal to make time to connect your feet directly to the earth. This practice has MANY benefits, including drawing up the earth's negative ions while dispelling and releasing any excess charge you might be carrying back down through the feet. This  establishes electromagnetic equilibrium and will ground your energy, center the mind and more fully connect you to ALL that is!


Every individual, and each session, will prove to have a very different experience with massage, somatic movement and energy work. While most find immediate relief from discomfort, as well as report feeling "light, clear, grounded, calm and/or relaxed", some may experience discomfort (a "rebound" or "recoil" of symptoms) as well as a possible detox response. These can vary, but some may experience these within 1-3 days after a session:


- experience notable fatigue (may require more rest than usual)

-heightened emotionalism

-dizziness or headaches 

-increased mucus production

-change in bowel movements

-nausea, vomiting or diarrhea

-flu-like symptoms (low-grade fever, chills, fatigue)

Please contact your practitioner to address any concerns or questions regarding your body's response.