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Considerations & Contraindications

* If you are currently dealing with any of the issues listed, are undergoing treatment OR have physical concerns that you are monitoring (ie: blood clots, growths and/or tumors) please note it is your responsibility to advise your practitioner.

While Vibrational Sound Therapy and Biofield Tuning are generally safe and non-invasive, there are a few circumstances requiring awareness, consideration, special care and discernment. Tuning has been known to initiate a release process, which is often a flooding of toxins that can result in discomfort. You may find it is of benefit to seek additional guidance and/or support through other modalities, as well as nutrition/supplements to further assist you in your detoxification process. It is not uncommon for those with heavy metals, PTSD, repressed memory and/or emotions, trauma or injury to experience a strong detox response, and/or emotional release during 0R after a session.  An individual dealing with depleted energetic states, low immunity, acute or advanced illness is STRONGLY ADVISED to discuss tuning with their medical team. These states have been shown to have an increased detox response that can prove overwhelming to a system that is already taxed.  While tuning can be helpful to ease and soothe the nervous system, it is important to recognize that for some, it may aggravate it. Every person will have a different response, and that one person will respond differently after each session. There are no "normals" and there can be MANY unpredictable responses to the work. 

While there is currently little available in way of extensive study and research in this field, the pioneers have ample anecdotal experience and are actively acquiring data in sessions which conclude there are some instances where the impact of tuning may be lessoned or even contraindicated. One of my primary callings is to educate and inform ANY who seek this work; you are encouraged to review this page carefully and decide for yourself whether or not this modality will benefit you. Your well-being is a top priority, and it is strongly advised that if you are actively working with a medical professional, you discuss any concerns; please note, however, that currently there are VERY FEW within the medical community that are informed, educated or experienced with this modality. Nevertheless, it would be ill-advised of ME to not have you discuss ANY alternative or complimentary therapies with your health-care provider. COMMUNICATION IS KEY, so please, SHARE AS MUCH as you can about your medical history with your practitioner to ensure your experience is both pleasant AND helpful! Silver Linings does not accept responsibility for ANY possible outcomes. I am simply the vessel in which the information is brought forward-I strongly believe the healing work is done between you and The Lord!

ACTIVE CANCER (for those currently undergoing treatment; NOT for those in remission):

Advanced cancer comprises many pathways in the body, including how one detoxes. Tuning introduces new energetic input, which the body may struggle to effectively manage. If one is already undergoing treatment, the detox process may prove overwhelming. While one may decide to introduce tuning as "complimentary care", your session will be shortened and adapted to consider the energetic needs and limitations.  Tuning can irritate tumors, and it is not advised to work directly on them, however work in the field may prove to be most beneficial.


While this is two ends on the same spectrum, BOTH have an interesting way of taxing the system. For those nearing transition, the resources are limited, and the detox process can prove to be quite draining. For those who are pregnant, the body is working OVERTIME, and already somewhat "energetically taxed", causing the detox to be too much for both mother and fetus. 

ELECTRICAL, MEDICAL or DENTAL IMPLANTS * Pacemaker, Medtronic pumps, neural implants; also rods, plates or screws:

Our bodies are piezoelectric, and the tuning response within the system is INCREASING this "voltage". Because of the electric nature of many metals and implants, the vibrational input of tuning MAY interfere with the functioning of these devices. While there are currently no reports of ill effects associated with NEWER pacemakers, it is still advised to first discuss any concerns with your medical professional. Inform your practitioner of any metal or implants in the body, as it is advised forks not be positioned on it as direct pressure with weighted forks may cause discomfort. With dental implants, the direct vibration of forks could cause a shift to chipped/broken teeth or bone fragments in the gums.


With any significant brain injury, it is advised to wait at least 3 months to provide ample healing time. While the body can still endure gentle tuning, there must be adequate time gifted to resolve any inflammation, however those with mild concussions can be seen sooner. 



If there has been a history of past seizure activity, it is possible to trigger seizures when encountered in the field.

It is imperative that you inform your practitioner and provide an emergency plan should this occur. It is also ideal that should you arrange for a remote session, that there be someone available if in the event support is needed.


 Because there is a large amount of emotional "debris" housed in the adipose tissue, it is not unusual to experience     overwhelming emotions and a strong detox response. 


The vibrational input to recent breaks or fractures can prove most uncomfortable and interfere with the healing process.

It is strongly advised to wait at least 6 weeks before using forks directly on these areas; the field can be worked but advise your practitioner of any injuries so that these areas can be avoided, both for your comfort and your safety. 

Mental Health & Medications:

Medications have many effects to the system, including the potential to alter the electro-magnetic signals and inhibiting the

natural process of rebalancing and returning to homeostasis. Because adjustments in the field can affect the intended processing of medications, it is advised you work with your prescribing to monitor the needs of your medication. Psychotropics and other mind-altering meds can slow down and even limit the progression of tuning. It is advised that you create for yourself a network of support should it be you are dealing with any severe or long-term mental health concerns, addiction or other psychological issues.