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A lil'bit About Me


Greetings, my friends. My name is April Jones. When asked "What do you do?!", I proudly answer that I am a Healing Artist, because it is a simple way to consolidate the many facets of not only my work, but my calling, my passion-my life. I have created in some capacity as long as I can remember. I've always written, loved to dance, crafted vision boards, drawn/painted, exercised of my own accord, intuitively moved my body (not learning until about 7th grade that what I was doing was called Yoga), made jewelry, sang, gardened and enjoyed making beautiful food and atmospheric spaces.  I was always the DJ at parties, compiling mixed tapes, CD's and now playlists. I would spend ample time preparing my snacks with great care and mixing odd juice and soda blends. I would gather wild things in the garden of my childhood home (and often in trouble for plucking things from the neighbor's yard) to mix and mash into some "concoction" in my make-shift kitchen. I covered my bedroom walls and the inside of my closet with murals. I excelled in my fundamental courses that involved the arts: photography, crafts and creative writing. I loved Speech and Debate. I was regularly in trouble and in the principal's office for dancing at pep-rallies, pressing and/or rebelling against societal "norms" and expectations, and refusing to "follow the herd". The need to create, express, stand up against injustice, make a way when there wasn't and even manifest weren't learned behaviors; they were hardwired within me upon the day I was knit together in my mother's womb. While these traits were not totally understood and caused a LOT of friction in my youth, I now know that it wasn't necessarily a "rebellion", but a free-spirited, free-thinking soul that knew there HAD TO BE another way. That there COULD be another way; and by golly, if there wasn't, I would blaze one! 

Some things never really change; I can look back and see how all of these interests were being shaped within me to bring something most unique to not only my craft, but my community. What I was pressing against was a belief system that I didn't fully subscribe to as it was being presented, as well as a society that seemed most lost and lop-sided, despite the insistence of being "found" and upright. ALL the facets of my personality, the things I'm most passionate about, the many things I love-the things I'm called to teach and share, have been alchemized into a most rewarding career! These components are consolidated into a menu of various offerings and events that I present in my studio, and throughout the community. I'm eager to expand my offerings even further as I continue to develop a program of the protocols I've been gifted with both energy and sound! (Talk about CONTINUOUSLY being stretched!)

Same girl, doing the same things, but with a very different understanding, new insights and clear intentions. I get to teach others how to move their bodies with awareness; how to connect with their breath and feel the impact of how things land in their frame. I ask hard questions, challenge old programs and limiting beliefs, leave room for discomfort while holding space for people to safely process and express whatever it is they've been holding back, resisting, suppressing- ignoring. I educate on how herbs and foods heal the body and mind. I use music and sound to alter individual fields, which change the mental and emotional landscapes and liberate the soma. I minister Truth by sharing The Word in relevant ways with practical applications.  I spend days collecting in the woods, digging in my garden and crafting in my kitchen concocting various "food medicine", and offer workshops to teach others to do the same. I am completely in my element and love every bit of it. This is not "work"; this is pure pleasure that I have the privilege to be paid for. 

When asked, "how did you learn all this?" or, "how did you get into this?', I joyfully confess that it is truly my life’s purpose. I believe I've been anointed and called to this; that I have a mantle upon me that gifts me a SUPER NATURAL understanding and capacity running deep within me. It isn't really something I can explain, just something I AM. I don't always know the "how" or even the "why"; many times, I receive Divine Downloads, and because intuition was ALWAYS encouraged in me, I trust the process and lean into The Work as it presents itself. This Work looks different with each person because each person has very different needs-and shows up differently every time we have an encounter. The intuition and wisdom are nothing I can take credit for-these are "gifts of The Spirit". What I CAN take credit for is my stewardship and willingness to not only walk out this calling, but the strengthening and sharpening of the tools placed in my hands. I spend my free time traveling to collect plants, reading and researching, seeking out events and educational opportunities to expand my knowledge, doing my OWN work, not only on my temple, but am dedicated to rooting out my demons and searching through my shadows. I'm in this thing whole heartedly, and this is why I consider myself a faithful and trustworthy servant in the craft. I believe this, along with honest transparency, is why my practice has grown, and continues to grow, since its inception in 2000 after my formal studies at Red Mountain Institute for the Healing Arts. 

Now, "healer" is not a term I take lightly, nor wield in vain. It was through much time and prayer seeking both revelation and understanding of my spiritual gifts that I was led to clearly know this as one of my (now many) gifts. I was 21 when I received this download.  I wrestled with this for weeks before God gifted me SEVERAL events to reveal this Truth! It was with great trepidation and a LOT of convincing that Holy Spirit assured me this WAS my that I'm on it, there really is no going back. What I am called to present is like nothing I've seen demonstrated, but what I feel called and led to offer. I have come to accept that I am a: Shepherd, Minister, Dream-Interpreter, Miracle-Worker and Prophetess with the gifts of: Healing, Faith, Prophecy, Teaching, Encouragement, Stewardship and Prayer. I am perfectly imperfect and embrace my humanity for exactly what it opportunity to learn, grow and BE! I do not boast in the life nor gifts I've been given as if it is the work of my own hands, but The Work of The One I have allowed to work in me, and through me. I acknowledge what I have been entrusted; the fruit is evident in my own life, and in those around me. Feel free to see the page of testimonials, and investigate further if gifted the opportunity to speak with any that have worked with me. 

Raised in a most loving, but conservative Southern Baptist home and community, it took a rebellious heart pushing back and far away from the religious dogma to find my own way "home". I have been on a journey to further know and understand this Brother, Savior, Healer and Friend since a near-death experience at the age of seventeen. There is a seasoned, rooted kinsmanship with Christ that is richly grounded in The Word. This relationship continuously reshapes and restructures areas of my being that are called to Higher things; Greater things. God has been SO GOOD and FAITHFUL to me. Because of The Work He has done, and continues to do in me, I find it imperative to honor Him in ALL that I do. In THIS, I WILL boast, for He has been MOST FAITHFUL to ME!

While this is the cornerstone of my practice, there is no exclusion here. I do not feel compelled to convince nor convert ANYONE. I know who I am, clear on what I believe and confident in The Work I'm called to do. My life is a testimony, and you are either inspired by it, or you aren't. You want what I have, or you don't; you will listen, or you won't! I will not hesitate to speak of The Lord, nor will I apologize for my faith. I am open and verbal because this is WHO I AM! I share because I believe those that are drawn here are drawn to the way Christ is made manifest in me. I ask to be His Hands and Feet daily; I was without question designed as a Mouth and ask He CLEARLY speak through me to the hearts of those READY to hear and receive; extending my experience with a heart to teach and share versus the need to convince or convict. There is ONE Holy Spirit, and She is undoubtedly the VERY BEST at Her job. I know my assignment, and that is to simply shine brightly and be the best version of me inspiring the best version of YOU. I make room for God to be revealed IN me, through me, as me...just silly ol'me!  I believe we must each answer for our own lives, but no one must answer to ME. I am here to support, encourage, equip and empower WHOM SO EVER. There are no limitations or stipulations based on who you are, what you believe, how you identify, or any other current day societal issue that causes separation, isolation, judgement or misunderstanding amongst the masses. I hear it all...TRULY! You will not be shamed nor shunned; I am here to be me and to support YOU being YOU!

Beyond my practice, I am a VERY PROUD, single mother of three VERY BEAUTIFUL young women. My eldest came to me, not through me, but I claim as one of my own. She is a massage therapist, nature-lover, micro-homesteader and assistant to me when wildcrafting, presenting or selling at shows. My first-born is a brave warrior serving us ALL as active military in our Armed Air-Forces and mother to my beautiful granddaughter.  My wee-one, who really isn't "wee", but will always be my baby, is wrapping up her fundamental education and developing her own place and identity in this world; a brilliant mind and gifted artist. These girls are truly my world, whether they are near, or far. They have been my deepest loves and most profound teachers. They stretch me, inspire me and gift me the greatest joy! The support of my community has allowed me to care for and raise them up in a most precious environment with zero regrets! 

Some of my favorite past times beyond those formerly listed: rock climbing, camping, picnics, bonfires and wandering in the woods; dance classes, thrifting, traveling, karaoke; attending/creating workshops, ecstatic dances and ceremonial events; often found enjoying the symphony and concerts; serious foodie, adventure seeker and LOVER of LIFE! Thanks for showing an interest and taking the time to get to know me. I am your humble servant and most eager to meet you!