Silver Linings, llc
A Sanctuary for the Healing Arts



There's ALWAYS something going on around here! I'm ALWAYS gathering, collecting, crafting and creating. Depending on the season, and what is in bloom, MANY concoctions and blends can be found about fresh blooms, fruits, herbs and berries. I use these to mix and mash all kinds of decedant healing foods and natural medicinals like Healing Waters, Salsa, Vinegars, Shrubs, Soothing Slather, Critter Remitter and more! Please know I STRIVE to reach out REGULARLY to let you know WHAT IS FRESH & AVAILABLE! My seasonal bounties have begun to QUICKLY blow from my shelves, and I am CURRENTLY a one woman show! These offerings are GOOD; offered with pure motives to gift you what is healing, nourishing and dightfully flavorful. The taste and textures are as helpful to the tinctures as the herbs themselves. I aim to provide you rich, robust, restorative rejuvenators! But YOU gather & consume at your own risk.

May these be for those Found ALL OVER..this city, this state, this nation, this earth! May you be blessed in knowing these offerings are made with prayerful consideration and intention. The Lord gave what is in them. And those offerings are for YOU! May we ALL choose mindfully what is HEALTHY & GOOD! And may the blessings of THESE choices continue to improve EVERY area of our lives! Much love, my friends. Please see my disclaimer for the use and consumption of ANY items brought to you here. Namaste.